Monday, April 24, 2017

Russian restaurant wheeling

Great food, Service and atmosphere! Russian restaurant wheeling 

The soup: French Onion Soup, portion of the version most-Orgasmic delights. Can't stop having, must see but what can do about it. Appetizers: we had the farm cheese de podcasts, studies of foie gras and smoked salmon and herring. Farmers have this cherry/Berry-reduction of large, perfectly join cheese in pastry with farmers, cheese is highly recommended de podcast! Foie gras is one of the best preparation I've ever had a large fig, mushroom, really! I almost want to drink individual cast iron pot of fat, just fantastic! Network: the Chilean Seabass was super moist and flaky. What they have to bake, gravy, which I think really make it unique. My dad had the rack of lamb, great! The poor man lost his heel, my mother and I

The same went for my mom's Chicken Poussin (how something as simple as making chicken so I didn't orgasm, but not bone left in tact. The size of the individual chicken with crispy skin most delicious cooked perfectly!

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